Piano Types
Grand Pianos
  • Baby Grand - A very popular type of piano which ranges in size from 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches. Baby grands is a popular choice because of its sound quality, aesthetic appeal and affordability.
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  • Spinet - With its height of 36 to 38 inches, and an approximate width of 58 inches, spinets are the smallest of the pianos. Given its size, it is the popular choice of many people who live in limited living spaces, such as apartments.
  • Studio - This is the kind of piano you see in music schools and music studios. It is 45 to 48 inches in height and has a width of approximately 58 inches.
  • Console - Slightly larger than the spinet, its height ranges from 40 to 43 inches and is approximately 58 inches wide. This type of piano comes in various styles and finishes.
  • Upright - This is the tallest among the vertical pianos, with a height ranging from 50 to 60 inches and an approximate width of 58 inches. 
  • Upright Grand - The tallest of the uprights- generally greater than 5' tall.   Some call this style a "saloon" piano.  They are bulky and often equipped with a player system.
  • Parlor Grand - These ranges in size from 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 1 inch. The parlor grand piano is also called living room grand piano.
  • Concert Grand - At 9 feet, this is the largest of all the grand pianos.
  • Square Grand - This rectangular shaped piano has 4 removable legs.   Generally the piano is approx. 7 feet in length.
  • Home Organ - Usually 1-2 keyboards, no external speakers and less than 2' deep.  Usually less than 200 lbs.
  • Large Home Organ -Usually 2-3 manuals, external speakers, and/or removable pedals and bench.   13-24 pedals and approx. 200-400 lbs.
  • Small Church Organ -Multiple manuals, 2 or more external speakers,  and a full pedal board.  Total weight approx. 250-500 lbs.
  • Large Church Organ -Multiple manuals,    multiple speakers, full pedalboard, 4 feet or taller, 2-4 feet deep and total weight  approx. 500+ lbs
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