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D&E Piano Movers was founded in 1987 by brothers David & Edward Gurski. The Company incorporated in 1989. Since then, we have served the piano community in the Baltimore, Washington and Northern Virginia areas, as well as points up and down the east coast.

We have built an excellent reputation based on prompt, professional, courteous service with customer service as our number one priority. 
For 18 of our 23 years we did not advertise. During this time, we were running two trucks a day, six days a week. We still rely on repeat customers and word of mouth as the bulk of our business.

David started in the piano business in 1983. Over the years, he has worked with dealers and technicians in the metro area delivering, purchasing, and doing private moving, as well as learning many aspects of the piano rebuilding and refinishing process. In 2001, he learned to install Q.R.S. Pianomation Player Systems. 

The reason for our excellent reputation is that David or Ed have always personally trained their crews and have always worked on their moving trucks. We treat our employees like part of our family and they are loyal to us and take great pride in what they do. They've been trained to spot problems on pianos and also how to fix them.

We are not your ordinary piano mover! In fact, we don’t consider ourselves (movers) at all. We are a crew, a team, part of a family that strives to be the absolute best at what we do. We also believe that the sale isn’t a done deal until the piano is safely delivered into the customer home without any issues.
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